Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I reserve and confirm a booking?

1. DM us on our instagram account @picnicaesthetiq
2. Arrange with us a location, date, timing and no. of pax for your event
3. Select the package you would like for your setup
4. Complete the reservation through Paynow or bank transfer

                       5. Save the date!

2. Where are the event locations I would be able to select from?

Marina Barrage (+$10 surcharge)
Bay East Garden (bridge collection)

Botanical Gardens (+$5 surcharge, MRT stn collection, subject to availability)
Other locations (+$10 surcharge, subject to availability)

3. Are refunds or exchange provided in the event of unfortunate weather

Refund policy is as such

100% refund offered 2 weeks in advance
50% refund offered 1 week in advance
One time change of date offered, the new date would be subjected to availability


4. Would I be able to choose the design of the package

We do not offer this service.
However, Do let us know your aesthetic preference, and we will do our best to make it the most memorable experience for you!



5. What is the maximum number of pinickers per event?

As per the guidelines issued by the government 
The max no. would be 10 pax per group as listed.



6. What happens if I am late for collection or return?

Kindly inform us beforehand,
there would be a 15 mins grace period before the extra charges of $5 after.

7. Here are is our privacy policy as well as our terms and conditions